TAGZ Programmable NFC Stickers

TYLT TAGZ interacts with your NFC enabled smartphone. With a single tap you can launch your customized settings for a specific environment, such as home, office and auto.

You can place TAGZ almost anywhere; walls, desktops, dashboards or on a device such as a bluetooth speaker (avoid metal surfaces).

TAGZ allow you to change multiple settings and launch apps with just a tap.

• Car - profile: Activate bluetooth, maps...
• Office - profile: Ringer high, wifi on...
• Home - profile: Ringer low, wifi on...
• Bedside - profile: Blissful silence, set alarm...

One year limited warranty

In The Box
(6) Programmable NFC sticker tags (3 black / 3 white), (1) User Guide with Warranty

  • Category: NFC Technology

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